Part of the Power Pack range the P-Pack desktop utilises an ergonomic modern shape, and offers a stylish desktop office power & data solution. Individually fused, angled UK sockets allow easy insertion and removal of both standard plugs, and those with large transformers. The 6C cutouts allow end users to populate the desktop unit with data or multimedia outlets as they choose. Manufactured from a tough ABS plastic extrusion. The same key components from the established and reliable P-Pack under desk product range are used on the desktop to maximise the system performance. The flat base of the unit allows flexible positioning through the utilisation of either edge of the desk G clamps, or adhesive pads. All P-Pack Desktop units are individually packed and are supplied with a pair of G clamps and adhesive pads. The 3 pole connector allows multiple lengths of power lead, using a Start lead. These Units require a START lead - See Desktop and Under Desk Module Power and Interconnect leads

Desktop Power Modules - Power & 6C Cut Outs

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