Additional Services

At BKA Solutions we offer bespoke network infrastructure design services based on our many years’ experience working with the world’s leading IT hardware suppliers. Our long-term business relationships with suppliers and service providers give us unique insight into the best products and strategies to use in any given situation.

Personalised network design consultancy

Therefore, if you are installing a new network, we are well placed to advise you on the best companies to use, the most effective approach and how to get the best prices. Our network specialists can give personalised advice on network planning, design, installation and implementation – for projects of any size, anywhere in the world.

Bespoke components

We also undertake commissions for custom components, cabling and fibre assemblies to match the specific needs of your project. Let us know your requirements and we can create bespoke metalwork, copper and fibre assemblies and personalised server racking using the best components on the market. Our service includes on-site assembly and installation.

At BKA we make it easy to install a new network infrastructure by giving you access to the best cabling solutions at low prices. Take advantage of our extensive product knowledge and let us help you find outside the box solutions to your cabling requirements. By thinking creatively and designing an efficient, cost-effective architecture, we can help you save space, cut installation time and scale back on your expenditure.

Find out more

To discuss a networking requirement with one of our specialists, give us a call on 08702 403586, or send us a message through our online contact form to request a call back at a time of your convenience.

For more details about our innovative range of networking products, please visit our category pages, where you can order online.

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