Data / Server Cabinets

Our range of data / server cabinets and accessories include market leading systems from IMRAK , Usystems, and Rittal along with our own products from BKA Solutions. Our full catalogue of Cabinet accessories include all you need to set up a new server room or reorganise an existing one, including telescopic shelves, earth bonding kits, fan trays, fixed shelves, panel mounting angles etc. Please browse the following subcategory pages for further details.

APW IMRAK Data / Server Cabinets

Award-winning IMRAK 1400 freestanding data / server cabinets available in any configuration you may need.

APW IMRAK Cabinet Accessories

A range of accessories to complement IMRAK server cabinets. Our stock includes plinth kits, fan trays, shelves and earth continuity kits.

Usystems Data / Server Cabinets

Usystems data and server cabinets are some of the best on the market. These quality cabinets are available in floor wall and Acoustic varities in many different sizes to meet the needs of your server room. We also stock a large range of cabinet accessories to complete your installation.

Usystems Cabinet Accessories

Everything you need to complement your Usystems server cabinets, including plinths, mounting angles, adjustable feet, fan trays and shelves.

BKA Data / Server Cabinets

Our own floor standing and wall mounted server cabinets are equal in quality and value to the leading brands. We also stock a range of wall boxes and hinged brackets.

General Cabinet Accessories

We stock a full range of general Cabinet accessories, ranging from cable management panels, to cage nuts and bolts, vertical cable trays, shelves and cabinet fixings.

Comms Room Brush Seals

Our brush seals include surface mount brush seals, infloor brush seals and circle seals.

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