This ducting kit enables hot exhaust air to be directed outside the room or building, thereby protecting the ambient room temperature suitable for the 9210I Ucoustic and Edge 3 Soundproof cabinets.

Save money, energy and power consumption on existing room air conditioning

Divert and recycle waste hot air providing free heating to other rooms.

Helps prevent hardware and software failures

Helps prevent any unnecessary downtime

Access to rear of cabinet and door opening is not affected when the ducting kit is utilised

Retrofittable to the 24U and 42U Ucoustic 9210 active and Edge 3 Soundproof cabinets

Can be directed to exhaust through wall, window or ceiling plenum

Expelling hot air to atmosphere and saving air-conditioning energy or heat recovery and saving on heating bills = WIN-WIN!

Ucoustic Hot Air Ducting Kit

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