These steel trays come in 2 depths so that the correct depth for your installation may be selected without interfering with cabling or power distribution at the rear. The slots in the tray allow for good airflow and at the same time offer a selection of fixing positions to allow modems and instruments to be screwed into position. With this style of tray a pair of chassis supports is also required.

These steel supports may be varied along the depth of the rack and offer an ideal method of supporting heavy equipment. When used in conjunction with 19" equipment they position in line with U heights. The horizontal sections of the supports are pre-punched to allow the chassis trays to be fitted without further drilling. An extra 15mm width is available when chassis supports are fitted directly to panel mounting angle supports as maximum chassis width is then 465mm. The nominal load rating is 50kg. Chassis supports sold in pairs.

APW IMRAK 1400 Shelves

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