PATCHMATE is a fast easy to use compact and affordable handheld Network Cable Tracer and Continuity Tester in one unit.With instant notification a huge reduction in time required to trace, identify and test network cables saving time and money on every job. What makes PATCHMATE unique, is that each kit is supplied with 12 remote plugs as standard, with the option of purchasing additional plugs, allowing the user to test or trace as many cables as they wish. Unlike the traditional laborious "one at a time" method utilised by current testers the revolutionary PATCHMATE tester enables the user to deploy an UNLIMITED number of PATHCMATE Plugs to reveal instantaneous identification of its corresponding port on the patch panel, as well as simultaneously testing each link. Due to the compact nature of the PATCHMATE plug the user can insert an unlimited number of plugs into the patch panel(s), fully populating them if necessary. Then by taking the master unit to the location of the floor / wall outlets and inserting the RJ45 lead of the master unit a link will immediately be established.The identification of the corresponding port on the patch panel will be verified by the LED's on the rear of the remote plug. Once the port has been identified PATCHMATE will automatically commence a continuity test to confirm the circuit has been wired correctly. The LED's will instantly confirm a Pass,an Open Circuit , a Reversed Pair or Mis-wire. PATCHMATE is the handy compact tester that every installer will want in their tool bag. FEATURES: TRACES UNIDENTIFIED CABLES- TESTS CONTINUITY- TESTS WIREMAP- TRACES CABLES & TESTS CONTINUITY SIMULTANEOUSLY- INDENTIFIES OPEN CIRCUITS,REVERSALS AND MIS-WIRES- AUTO STARTS WHEN LINK IS ESTABLISHED- KIT INCLUDES MASTER UNIT,12 REMOTE PLUGS,SOFT CARRY CASE & USER GUIDE- ADDITIONAL PATCHMATE PLUGS AVAILABLE- ONE YEAR WARRANTY- BENEFITS: AFFORDABLE- INSTANT VISUAL NOTIFICATION- SAVES VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY- TWO-IN-ONE TOOL- NO COMPLEX SET UP REQUIRED-

Patchmate Cable Tracer and Continuity Tester

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