Data Outlet Distribution POD / GOP Boxes


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The 2,4 and 6 way are available with a 20, 25 or 32mm flexible conduit fixing point. The range has been developed for fixing to the end of flexible conduit tyically where the outlets are presented in a grid layoiut with cable containment mounted within a raised floor system. The GOP box then has a degree of flexibility to be positioned within the radius of the flexible conduit to suit the office layout. 20mm 25mm and 32mm "L" brackets are available to fix the other end of theflexible conduitto the floor slab. GOP boxes are typically then attached to the underside of the desk, the flxible conduit passing through the floor tile via a grommet. The flexible conduit fixing hole is slotted to aid cable installation. As the flexible conduit hole is part of the jack mounting metal work it ensures easy termination of the outlet while maintaining the cable management.The base has two fixing holes for mounting where required. Features: 2 , 4 and 6 way Versions 20 , 25 and 32mm Versions available6c data module apperture cut out Accepts Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a modules
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