200 Series accepts standard 237A IDC Connection Strips. Full wire management features are built into the base and the cover provides ample knockouts for cable entry.  

250 Series: A plastic enclosure fitted with 5 Way Backmount frame to allow the installation of up to 5 x 237a strips allowing up to 50 pairs to be terminated.

The 300 Series is a plastic enclosure fitted with either a 10 Way Backmount frame to allow the installation of up to 10 Terminal Strips (301A 100 pair connection box) or 2 X 10 way Backmount frames to allow the installation of up to 20 Terminal Strips (304A 200 pair connection box).

The cover is secured by large head quick release screws. Jumper Rings can be added to provide Cable Management.

The 500 Series of Steel Connection boxes offer increased pair capacity while maintaining an industry standard footprint. The stainless steel backmount frame verticals support 237A Style strips giving a normal capacity of 340, 690, and 1020 pairs depending on the model.

The 500 series connection box range allows an extra 5 way backmount to be fitted under the standard verticals increasing the capacities to a spacious 390, 780 or 1170 pairs.

The door opens through 180° for ease of access, it can be removed entirely using quick release hinges and is easily reversed for left-right opening applications.

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