Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are units which are mounted into a data/server cabinet, to provide power for the housed equipment.

Vertical PDUs are 0U in height, as they are mounted at the rear of a cabinet, leaving more rack space for equipment.

All PDUs are built using a tough aluminium extrusion, and come with a 3m power lead with 13A UK plug as standard, with other options available.

A switch cover and shrouded switch prevent the PDU from being accidentally turned on/off.

The cable on the vertical PDUs exits from the end cap of the unit, allowing easier mounting of the PDU.

The shrouded switch of the PDU is protected by a switch cover, preventing accidental switching off of the PDU.

Various plug options are available, including C14, C20, 16A commando, and 32A commando plugs.

Surge protection (Filtered) protects vital equipment from low-frequency, high-voltage spikes of electricity, by either blocking the spike, or shorting it to ground, the surge protector keeps any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

Vertical UK Socket PDU'S

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