Each outlet is protected by an individual fuse on these PDUs, giving every socket an extra level of safety over a standard unit.

Each fused socket has a neon light which indicates the status of the fuse, allowing easier replacement of any blown fuses.

All individually fused PDUs are built to order, therefore they can be built to specification.

The individually fused sockets include a neon indicator, allowing you to easily identify any blown fuses.

PDU’s with individual fusing protect each input, each socket is a separate circuit with red neon indicating the fuse is working and not blown.

As the power feed may be 16A or 32A the fusing will never allow a current load over the prescribed level of the active equipment, thus individually protecting each input.

32A PDUs are an upgraded version of the product designed for up to 16A, using 4mm cable externally and 2.5mm internally wired as a 'ring'.

The 32A PDUs can handle double the power input of the standard PDU.

Individually Fused PDU's

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