Local amp monitoring allows the user to realise the power consumption of the rack equipment in real time, giving the opportunity to change power configurations based on that information. 

Measures Amps

Monitors Volts

Vertical or Horizontal PDU

10A, 13, 16A or 32A feed

UK, C13, C19 or Schuko sockets

The digital readout displays live values for both voltage and amperage usage.

Most of our PDU's can have the Ammeter fitted, meaning any socket or plug combination is achievable, the Power Meter itself is rated up to 100 Amps, so if there is space in the PDU the Amp / Volt can be utilised.

If your exact configuration isn't available please ask the chances are we will be able to build the correct pdu for you.

PDU's with Digital Amp Meters

  • £90.00


  • £0.00
  • £108.00 £0.00 (Incl VAT)

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