The QbE®-2 Cleaning Platform is designed for ultimate in performance and convenience. The cleaning platform includes our FibreSafe™ platen to assure no end face damage during cleaning processes. Using the QbE-2 platform makes UPC and APC (angled) end face cleaning easy and provides for First Time Cleaning.

Features & Benefits:

  • The QbE®-2 Cleaning Platform is the latest evolution of QbE® cleaning tools for the fibre optic end face QbE-2® is compact with up to 400 cleaning operations per tool
  • Utilizes FibreSafe™ platen to assure proper cleaning without damaging the end face
  • Convenient lanyard attachment
  • Complete instructions on each container with a QR code for VideoLab™ training


  • End face cleaning of SC, APC and MTP recessed connectors
  • Fusion splice preparation
  • Buffer gel removal
  • QbE-2® should be used with either Electro-Wash® PX Fibreoptic Cleaner, or either the Electro-Wash® MX or Fibre-Wash® Pen for first time cleaning

QBE-2 Compact Fibre Optic End Face Cleaning Platform - 200 Perforated Wipes

  • £58.50

  • £58.50
  • £70.20 (Incl VAT)

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