Our  range of front sliding fibre optic patch panels are middle capacity, allow both side operation and are suitable for use in office comms rooms, data centres, LAN'S etc. 5 variations available from stock. FC, ST, SC duplex, LC duplex and LC quad. Accepts up to 24 ST, 24 FC, 24 SC Duplex, 24 LC duplex and 24 quad LC adaptors (multimode and singlemode) Supplied with 4 kurly locks, panel fixing kit,  x2 PG-11 gland and a PG-16 gland. 3  cutouts at either side of the panel at the rear for cable entry into the back of the panel. Adjustable ears allowing the panel to be installed either flush or recessed. Screen printed for port identification. Dimensions: 205D x 435W x 43.5H weight 2.6kg-3kg

Singlemode Fibre Patch Panels

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