The Chemtronics FW2150 Electro-Wash MX Pen is a precision fibre optic cleaner used for fibre optic repair and maintenance applications such as: connector end face cleaning, cleaning fibre and splice trays, cleaning tools, meters and cables.

  • Specifically formulated for cleaning all fibre optic connectors
  • Removes handling soils, dust, oils and airborne contamination
  • Cleans alone, with the QbE Cleaning System, or with the Combination Cleaning process
  • Cleans and eliminates electrostatic deposits of airborne contaminants
  • Completely portable; controlled dispensing of cleaning solution


  • Cleaning fibre optic end faces
  • Cleaning cables, hard-line coax cables, splices
  • Removes ink stains, label adhesives, and difficult to remove soils

Electro-Wash MX Pen

  • £18.50

  • £18.50
  • £22.20 (Incl VAT)

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