Chemtronics Fusion Splice Mirror Cleaning Swabs are unique pillow-shaped swab head is ideal for fusion splice mirror cleaning. High absorbency swab removes dust and other contaminants. Free of adhesives and binders and cleanroom washed, so will not leave residue or particulates.

The Fusion Splice Mirror Cleaning Swab is especially suited for use with precision cleaning solvents such as Electro-Wash® PX Fibre Optic Cleaner (always follow manufacturers recommendations when using any solvent on a precision mirror surface).

  • Ideal size and dimension for fusion splice mirror cleaning
  • High absorbency swab removes dust and other contaminants
  • Free of adhesives or binders; will not leave residue
  • Works well as solvent applicator
  • Can be used with Electro-Wash® PX Fiber Optic Cleaner for hard-to-remove soils
  • Available in bag packaging or durable, field-ready, transparent tubes
  • 15 swabs per tube


  • For fusion splice mirror cleaning
  • Dust removal from precision surfaces

EFB-12 Fusion Splice Mirror Cleaning Swabs - Tube of 15 Swabs

  • £26.50

  • £26.50
  • £31.80 (Incl VAT)

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