• Pigtails are used for easily and efficiently creating connections for fibre cables. They are ideally used with fusion splicers but are also compatible with mechanical splices. The pigtail is a 1m length of 900um tight buffered fibre with a high quality factory terminated connector at one end. Standard colour for the buffer is white.
  • All pigtails are 100% tested and individually bagged with the test certificate incorporated into the label affixed to the bag. Through our stringent manufacturing process, our pigtails have a maximum expected insertion loss that should not exceed 0.3dB and will typically be much lower than this. Our pigtails are also subject to tension, vibration and impact tests to ensure reliability.
  • Splice Protectors as part of our fibre optic range.
  • Clear in colour.
  • The splice protectors are designed to restore complete environmental and mechanical integrity of coating or buffer to the optical fibre after splicing.
  • Also have hot melt adhesive tube bonds to both the fibre and heat shrinkable tube to effectively encapsulate the fusion splice.
  • Available in 60mm or 45mm.
  • Resistant to heat shocks.

Fibre Pigtails

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