Chemtronics MTP Connector Cleaning Swabs feature an exclusive chamois material engineered to quickly and safely clean MTP connectors.

  • The material has super absorption which pulls soils and solvents from end faces even in deeply recessed MTP connections where wiping is difficult.
  • Ideal size and dimension for MTP connector cleaning
  • Seamless blunt design makes precise contact with MTP end face
  • High absorbency swab quickly and safely removes contaminants
  • Free of adhesives or binders; will not leave residue
  • Can be used with Electro-Wash® PX Fiber Optic
  • Cleaner for hard-to-remove soils
  • Available in durable, field-ready, transparent tubes
  • 25 swabs per tube


MTP Connector Cleaning

EFB-17 MTP Connector Cleaning Swabs - Tube of 25

  • £15.00

  • £15.00
  • £18.00 (Incl VAT)

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