V-Groove and Ferrule Cleaning Swabs are flat, thin head design is ideal for small precision surfaces. When cleaning the alignment grooves (v-grooves) on a fusion splicer many technicians will use an alcohol presaturated wipe to remove the contamination. If the residual contamination is not removed, or if the wipe introduces more particles, the fiber will be misaligned. Use of cotton swabs to clean the v-grooves will also generate particles, negatively impacting the alignment of the fiber.

While cleaning the sides of a ferrule is not a common procedure, cases exist where contaminants become trapped on the side of the ferrule, and decrease the transmission through the connector. These contaminants can also migrate between the connectors, and decrease transmission unless removed. Excess solvent also requires the ferrule be cleaned prior to reassembly.

The unique geometry as well as its exceptionally clean construction, provides a dual use for the 38540. The swab can be used dry for cleaning a fusion splice v-groove, lightly moistened on one side and then reversed to dry for ferrule cleaning applications.

  • Flattest, thinnest swab available; ideal for small precision surfaces
  • Will not leave residue; no adhesives or binders
  • Wicking action quickly pulls solvent from surfaces
  • Can be used with Electro-Wash® Precision Cleaners and the CCp™ on hard-to-remove soils
  • Available in bulk packaging or durable, field-ready, transparent tubes
  • 50 swabs per tube


  • V-groove & ferrule cleaning

EFB-11 V-Groove and Ferrule Cleaning Swabs - Tube of 50 Swabs

  • £7.50

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