These all-dielectric, tight buffered, office distribution cables are constructed with colour coded, 900 micron buffered fibres surrounded by E-glass or Aramid yarn strength members, within a black LSZH outer jacket compliant with IEC fire performance requirements.

4 – 24 core cables are simply but robustly constructed in a single unit. Higher core counts are supplied in sub-units stranded around a FRP central strength member.  

Cables are available in all four standard fibre specifications OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OS1


Robust 900 micron tight buffered fibres for ease of on-site termination

Colour coded fibres for easy identification

LSZH jacket for internal use Black UV resistant jacket as standard Rip cord for easy jacket removal  


Fibre backbones in horizontal and riser applications

On site direct terminations Compact design for limited conduit space

Suitable for factory pre-terminated cables.  

Detailed specification available on request.

Multicore Tight Buffered Fibre Cable

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