The USpace 4210 is the latest premium cabinet offering in the range of IT frames from USystems.

Smart design and state of the art manufacturing facilities guarantees unbeatable quality, style and innovation associated with USystems. 

The robust structure adapts itself to many applications and markets.

The 4210 frame provides the perfect platform for installers and end users alike. 

Doors are available in AirTech steel with 80% airflow or glass, solid steel, AirTech Curve vented steel up to 86% airflow.

AirTech wardrobe doors with 76% airflow are suitable for narrow aisles. 

All USpace 4210 doors can accommodate upgraded security locking options.The doors have swing handles as standard and hinge opening with lift off capability.

Key override combination locks and the UTelligent audit trail and locking system is available in one, two and three point locking options where additional security is required. 

Side panels have two to four cam locks with bottom pins for location. One and two part vented or solid sliding side panels are available as an option for bayed cabinets. 

Fan trays can be fitted to the top cover without affecting valuable U space inside the cabinet. 

Enhanced airflow management can be achieved with the addition of 4210 foam or brush strip sealing kits which create a seal to prevent hot air re-circulating to the front 19” plenum.

Lead time varies from Next day to 5- 7 days depending on configuration ordered.

Usystems 4210 Floor Standing Server and Comms Cabinets

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