These adaptors convert the HDMI digital signal into a VGA analogue signal for use with VGA displays. Units with Audio have 3.5mm stereo connector to allow you to connect various devices such as speakers. You can also use cables such as 3.5mm to RCA giving you more flexibility.Powered units also comes with a USB cable should extra power be needed Our VGA to HDMI converter allows you to display the image from your computer not only to a monitor but to a large TV.  It will convert your PC’s VGA video and audio into one complete HDMI signal. This is an ideal solution for laptop/notebook users to use larger screens. The SVGA to HDMI adaptor will not convert HDMI to SVGA and cables are not included. Converts VGA video and audio into one HDMI signal SVGA 15 pin female input interface RCA left and right Audio input interface HDMI type A output port Signalling rates up to 1.65Gbps HDCP compliant Supports up to 1080p resolution Supports 480i, 576i & 1080i resolution Supports VGA resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 60/75Hz Outputs HDMI 1.2a

HDMI / VGA Adaptors

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