Chemtronics Air Duster

The Chemtronics 200ml high-powered invertible typhoon blast all-way duster is an effective device used to clean electronics without scratching delicate surfaces. It has a very low global warming impact compared to traditional duster that uses HFC-134a or HFC-152a. Being moisture and oil-free provides, this duster is the cleanest and most efficient, non-contact method available for particle removal. It also quickly removes slow-drying solvents. For best results, spray it right side up and upside down emitting a high-pressure blast.

Features and Benefits

High pressure duster sprays any directions, even upside down
Ideal for particle removal and contamination control
Useful for drying and removing solvents from surfaces
Ultra-low global warming impact of 6
Nonabrasive and noncorrosive, leaves no residue
Ultra-pure, filtered to


Audio/video equipment
Computers and other electronic equipment
Telephone junction panels
Network routers and switches
Lenses and optical surfaces
Office equipment, paper shredders, fax machines and printers
Laboratory instruments
Photo equipment
Printed circuit boards
Electrical connectors and contacts


Package Size200 ml
Package TypeAerosol
Active ChemicalHFO
Delicate and Optics UseYes
High PowerYes
Global Warming Potential6
Trade NameTyphoon Blast All-Way Duster

Chemtronics High Powered Invertible Typhoon Blast All Way AIr Duster - 200ML Aerosol

  • £17.00

  • £17.00
  • £20.40 (Incl VAT)

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