Universal Fibre Optic End Face Cleaning Kit

Kit Contains:

  • 2x Electro-Wash® MX Precision Fibre Optic Cleaner Pen (FW2150)
  • 1x pQbE® Universal Cleaning Platform
  • 2x (100) 2.5mm Precision Foam Fibre Optic Swab Tool (48046F)
  • 1x (50) 1.25mm Precision Swab Tool (25125F)
  • 1x CC505F (25) "MT" Type Swab Tool
  • 5x Electro-Wash® MX Universal Cleaner wipes (CP421)
  • 1x Bag of 100 Lint Free Wipes (6704F)
  • 1x Rugged Bag with heavy-duty carabiner attachment


  • All 2.5 mm and 1.25 mm cleaning operations

FTTX All- Connection Cleaning Kit

  • £121.50

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