The USpace 4210 co-location cabinet is a cost effective way of maximising expensive fixed floor area, enabling smaller users a shared floor space without any loss of revenue from each footprint. 

Each compartment provides its own independent and secure area, cabling is also individually ducted and sealed to each compartment within the cabinet.

USpace 4210 co-location cabinets come with our unique AirTech doors fitted with combination key override swing handles as standard, thus allowing each compartment to have its own tamper free secure space while still allowing full access to authorised key holders.

To aid cooling within each compartment, independently controlled fans can be fitted either to doors or top covers without any loss of internal ‘U’ space. 

The USpace 4210 co-location cabinet is available in two or four compartment versions in 42U or 48U 600 x 1000 or 600 x 1200 as standard.

Each cabinet has a standard load bearing of 1200kg and most 4210 accessories are compatible for use in these cabinets.

Houses all major server brands

Available in Black as standard (3 - 4 day lead time) or Light Grey (4 - 5 day lead time)

Usystems 4210 Floor Standing Co-Location Cabinets

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